Berges – guarantor for highest quality and customer satisfaction

The top priority for us is – and always has been – the satisfaction of our customers. This is being achieved by ensuring a consistent product and process quality. Complying with your standards and requirements is monitored by our skilled team every day. As a result, we can guarantee a high-quality standard for you. 

Through constant process and quality measurements, we make sure that our products feature the highest quality possible, along with safety and transparency. Our customers’ long-lasting satisfaction is proof of this standard of quality and will be continuously pursued in the future.

Certification ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 certification proves that our internal business processes always conform to international standards for quality managementIn this way, the quality improvement of our products and services is assured in order to satisfy the expectations of our customers and partners.

ATEX guidelines

Our ATEX Variable Speed Units are explosion-proof according to guideline 2014/34/EU and are classified for equipment group II of category 2 and
3 – EX II 2 G h IIB T4 Gb and EX II 2 D h IIIC 135°C DbThey are available either with a reducing gearbox or gear flange.

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